head-shot-mazeratie-sweetThis is not a blog. I am not a blogger.

I am a Freelance Marketer, Graphic Designer & Amateur Explorer sharing vegan beauty, travel, recipeĀ & natural hair tips + inspiration. When I first became vegan the whole enterprise seemed overwhelming, difficult, impossible, even. But, now I’m over a year into it and not only have I stuck with it and reaped the rewards, but my boyfriend also made the switch and his health has improved as a result.

After the food, came the lifestyle. I spent hours upon hours reading tiny ingredient print to determine whether or not there was pork by-product in my toothpaste (there wasn’t, but it’s a thing and it skeeves me out). It was exhausting! And boring!

I want to save people that were in my position from some of the exhausting, boring part. These recipes, tips, product reviews and travel guides will help you take veganism from goal to everyday reality. Whether you’ve been vegan for a minute or a couple dozen years you can always learn something new.



An East Coaster at heart, I currently reside in Phoenix with two pugs, the aforementioned boyfriend, and some uninvited geckos.


Would you like to collab? Get in touch.


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