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    What’s On the Menu: Week 4

    Sorry, guys! I have been traveling a bit and running crazy after deadlines but now that I have a little room to breathe I’m back to editing videos. This meal prep was from a few weeks ago, but both of these meals are now permanent fixtures in my rotation because they’re so tasty! The Mediterranean Scallopini, in particular, is nice and refreshing for hot weather between the chilled quinoa, peppery arugula, and lemon juice. I also included seasoning suggestions 😉 Advertisements

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    What’s on the Menu: Week 3

    This week I revisited a few things I’ve really liked so far and added some new ones. In the last few weeks – and especially since I posted my progress pics – I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how I meal prep. There are tons of videos and resources out there but some of them on skimpy on the actual details so I recorded myself this past week putting my meals together piece by piece. Hope this helps!     Here’s what I made in the video: Porkless Bites w/ Lentils & Asparagus (Lunch) Calories: 488 Carbs: 73.5g Fat: 6g Protein: 38g   Meatless Meatballs w/ Broccoli & Roasted Tomatoes…

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    What’s On the Menu: Week 2

    It’s been a week….so how do I feel about meal prep? PROS Nothing like wandering to the fridge at any given time and knowing exactly what you are going to eat. Goodbye, guesswork! I know that I’m eating something healthy that will further my fitness goals. It’s a lot easier to avoid surprise dark chocolate covered cashew binges when my prepared alternative is staring me in the face. Huge timesaver during the week. If you worked late there’s no additional prep time for dinner – just pop the top and get to munching. Fewer dishes – most of the time. Because you prepared your food personally, you know how it was made and…

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    What’s On the Menu: Week 1

    Once I got my Conscious Muscle meal plan I immediately started dreaming up ways to put my own spin on it. The way the plan is structured, you choose an item from 1-5 columns for each meal ( or ‘feedings’ as I’ve dubbed them 😅), and those foods combined, in the specified amounts, will meet your caloric and macro goals for the meal. BUT, having the macro and caloric targets meant I could also use My FitnessPal to plan meals in advance and combine them to see where I’d be at the end of the day. Personally, I think of calories and now macros as a budget. I have to spend them…

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    Macro Machine

    I knew eventually I’d have to face the realization that just because something was vegan, it didn’t mean I could eat as much as I liked with no consequences. Sure, that rule may apply to things like dark, leafy greens and zucchini, but it’s not so flexible with Ben & Jerry’s vegan ice cream flavors or gigantic, multi-layer burritos. And that time, Ladies and Gentlemen, is now. Almost a year into my transition (anniversary is in May) I’ve tried, tasted and fallen in love with literally hundreds of new, vegan foods. Now that the immediate rush of discovery is over, I needed a reset to help implement a more disciplined way…

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    How To Make A Week’s Worth of Vegan Lunches for $15 at Trader Joe’s

    One thing pretty much everyone can agree on when it comes to veganism is that it can REALLY suck for your wallet. I, myself, spent big money my first few trips to the grocery store buying new products to try and restocking staples. That start-up cost can be a major deterrent – especially for students and families – but it doesn’t have to be that way. Now that I’m more settled, I have a better understanding of which ingredients will stretch my moola without boring my tastebuds. This article from Spoon University is an excellent guide for those of you just getting started or still getting the hang of it. Eating…