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Holy New Home, Batman!

Typically, my blog posts are about things I ate or places I went (and the things I ate when I got there — I’m sensing a theme?) but, I’m embarking on a HUGE new project and I want to share all of it – the highs and lows, the triumphs and defeats – with all of you. I’m hoping that writing through the process will prove both cathartic and amusing for everyone.

A whole house of furniture, accessories, artwork, throw pillows, cutlery – you name it, I probably need it- starting with the literal 'heart' of my new home Click To Tweet

As some of you may already know, I have an AZ Real Estate license. During our last move — we move approximately every 24 months or so, by the way, due to a condition B suffers from, which I’ve dubbed ‘real estate ADHD’ — I was not licensed so I observed the process from the Seller’s POV. Since obtaining my license I’ve participated in on the buyer and/or seller’s side of the transaction on approximately 7 or 8 deals. Most of them were flips and a few we renovated and furnished to list as Airbnb properties. Now, B and I are set to close on our newest purchase — a brand, spanking new 3-story, reverse living floor plan townhome while I simultaneously prepare to list our current home. We’ll be new homeowners by the end of this week.

It’s gorgeous and empty and I am terrified.

Renovating and furnishing ANY property is a nerve-wracking ordeal. There are approximately 1.5 million things and timelines and events that have to all be managed but when it’s your OWN place and your actual home where you will live – that all increases about 30 fold.

Our reverse living floor plan puts our living, kitchen and dining areas on the top floor for the best views and the most light.
I’m really looking forward to warming this space up with lots of plants and layered textiles.

So now, the home is done. Complete. Finished. And even though I feel like just getting here was a full marathon (one cannot overestimate the amount of mental energy it takes to pick out an entire house worth of door and drawer pulls), I also know that it’s far from over. Because now, ladies and gents, I have to furnish the whole thing. I also have to stave off the looming dark cloud of crap I’ve yet to do which includes items like packing my entire closet, going through all the old mail I’ve just been throwing into a drawer in my office and figuring out how I’m going teach King and Lola how to use the new doggie door.

A whole house of furniture, accessories, artwork, throw pillows, cutlery – you name it, I probably need it- starting with the literal ‘heart’ of my new home: the kitchen, dining, and living area. I’ve decorated before, renovated before, but starting completely… from… scratch……?

Now, you may be asking yourself, ‘why not just use the stuff you already own?’

Some of it, I will definitely re-use but, as the listing agent for our current home, I prefer to keep it staged. So now I have to go through and blue tape everything that is staying, yellow tape everything that is going to storage and some-color-yet-to-be-determined tape everything that is staying in the current house until it sells and then coming to our new house. Also, the styles are completely different. Our current home is a comfy, farmhouse-meets-Cali-bungalow family home and our new place is going to be midcentury-modern-meets-boho home base for frequent travelers with southwestern color influences (I am nothing if not ambitious).

Plz, Halp

I need ALL your tips on places to shop, profiles to follow, drool-worthy pinterest boards and types of gigantic, jungalowesque plants to put in all the corners. Please flood me with your suggestions and well wishes (gifts of vegan wine also accepted).

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