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Accessories for an Aspiring Plant Lady

I’ve been super MIA on the blog lately and I’m sorry. It’s just with SO much stuff going on I can barely find time to breathe, nevermind write in complete sentences. Actually, I’m pretty sure some of these are run ons

ANYWHO — I’ve dubbed the aesthetic for our new home ‘boho meets mid-century in the Southwest’. If I had to break it down I’d describe it as boho textiles with clean-mid-century lines and southwestern (color & plant) flair.

Over the past week, I’ve been collecting planters and accessories — like a real life mood board — and when I posted some of them on IG the other day some of you were curious as to where I found everything, so I’m putting together a list! I find that starting with a few key accessories is the easiest way to get my brain flowing so I feel more confident when I go to pick out my big money items — like couches, beds etc. If I don’t like a planter or a blanket it’s easy to tuck away or give away and move on. A couch — not so much.

Here’s the picture in question and a list linking to all the items shown.

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My ‘Plant Lady’ accessories kit is coming along nicely.

Shopping List

You can check out all the home decor items I’ve purchased so far on Amazon via my Influencer Storefront. I’ll be adding to this list as I continue putting everything together and eventually, I’ll combine all of these into one giant shopping guide!

This week and next we’ve finally (FINALLY) got some big furniture coming in so I’ll have major room updates happening in the next two weeks. In the meantime, I’ll just keep buying plants and rugs.

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