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This Week in Vegan News: 11/11

I wanted to test out a new feature here on the blog. So, for the next few weeks, I’ll be doing a weekly round-up of interesting vegan-centric news stories.



5 Ready-to-Drink Vegan Protein Shakes Worth Trying

While there are plenty of whole-food protein sources available to vegans, sometimes, just like everyone else, we’re too busy to cook or need something we can grab on the go. 

Source: Choose Veg


Should Meat be Taxed Like Cigarettes?

According to a recent study, taxing meat could save the world billions of dollars in healthcare costs while dramatically reducing death rates. While many would argue that eating meat is a personal choice, some make the point that the consequences and health care costs are often subsidized by taxpayers. 

Source: VegNews




Covergirl the Latest in Growing Number of Cruelty-Free Brands

This past week, Covergirl Cosmetics became the largest beauty brand to earn ‘Leaping Bunny’ certification, a designation that ensures neither products nor ingredients used in their products have relied on animal testing. According to Coty CEO Camillo Pane, the change was made due to rising consumer demand (yay, voting with your dollars!!). While this is a huge milestone in the cruelty-free fight, given the accessibility of Cover Girl products, the announcement was not without controversy. 

Source: LiveKindly


Sephora’s Making it Easier Than Ever to Veganize Your Makeup Bag

Here are 14 fully vegan and cruelty-free beauty faves, from liquid eyeliner that won’t quit to glow-worthy skin treats and lip balms infused with literal gold, currently on their shelves. 

Source: VegNews



Putting a Little ‘Pep’ In Your Step

German, ethical brand, nat-2, maker of a mushroom leather-based line of vegan shoes, recently debuted their latest offering: a unisex vegan sneaker line made of repurposed, sustainably sourced coffee grounds, water-based glue, recycled plastic, and an anti-bacterial cork insole. 

Source: DesignBoom

In with the Faux: Jean Paul Gaultier Makes Televised Announcement

Luxury designer, Jean Paul Gaultier announced on French television that he would not be using fur in future collections, deeming the methods by which animals are killed as ‘absolutely deplorable’. He joins a growing list of high-end fashion designers saying ‘no’ to fur and moving towards cruelty-free fashion.

Source: LiveKindly




After years of effort from activists, voters in Florida overwhelmingly voted this past Tuesday to pass Amendment 13, a measure proposing a ban on greyhound racing by the end of 2020. While not all dogs will be retired from racing, many will require foster homes as tracks begin to close in the coming years.

Source: The New York Times


100 Turkeys with Something to be Thankful For

Vegan actor and Oscar nominee, James Cromwell will be working with an animal rights network, DxE and a turkey farm, Pitman Family Farms, to release 100 turkeys in an act of ‘Thanksgiving mercy’. The turkeys will go to local sanctuaries and homes to live out their lives as pets.

Source: Plantbased News




A Distaste for  Slaughter Leads to Labor Shortage?

BMPA chief executive Nick Allen put the abattoir labor shortage at between 10-15%, leaving as many as 10,000 jobs unfilled in the U.K. Leaders in the industry are beginning to worry that this will disrupt market pricing and put the squeeze on farmers. Some speculate that the lack of labor isn’t due to salary, so much as a general distaste for the work. 

Source: Plantbased News



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