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Turmeric, Rosewater & Aztec Healing Clay Mask

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If you read my previous blog post about Aztec Magic Healing Clay – Aztec Magic Healing Clay is, Well…Magical – then you already know I stan to the moon and back for this stuff. It boasts a variety of qualities, making it incredibly beneficial for skin and hair – especially when mixed with my other boo, ACV.

It’s my go-to for detoxing and refreshing my skin after stress, travel and any day that ends in ‘y’ because it’s quick, easy, effective and cheap. Over the past few months I’ve been running about juggling travel to Calgary, a big upcoming move, hosting family for their first vegan Thanksgiving (eek!) and mounting work commitments. My skin responded by producing a handful of very persistent, deeply embedded blackheads. After several weeks of banishing them only to see them return I responded by buying an extractor kit on Amazon and going to town. It’s better than squeezing with your fingers, right? RIGHT?

Good idea? Ehhh…not so much. While the extraction tools are cleaner, typically, than your fingers, and definitely more precise, they can damage the skin around zits and blackheads – leaving you with hyperpigmentation. One of the many reasons why it’s recommended that you only have them done by a professional.

But, now that the damage is done, I need a way to speed along the healing and get rid of the dark marks left behind.

Enter my favorite face mask and with a key assist from our buddies Turmeric and Rosewater.

Why These Ingredients?

Turmeric and Bentonite Clay make an awesome zit and hyperpigmentation fighting team. Click To Tweet
turmeric and bentonite clay before mixing with ACV and rosewater
Turmeric and Bentonite Clay make an awesome zit and hyperpigmentation fighting team.

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay is ideal for cleansing and detoxifying because it is negatively charged, or anionic. It has the ability to deep clean clogged pores by drawing out toxins, heavy metals, chemicals, and impurities. It also tightens and tones the skin, reduces blemishes and exfoliates – a bonus for oily girls like moi.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar or ACV is an antimicrobial agent, meaning it prohibits the growth of harmful bacteria. In addition, ACV can help restore the skin’s PH balance and unclog pores.


Turmeric is another substance with purported health benefits for your insides and outsides going back to ancient times. Its health benefits primarily come from curcumin, a bioactive component with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. These properties and its ability to fight free radicals can help restore your skin’s natural glow while soothing inflamed, unhappy skin. Turmeric has been linked to treatment for conditions like psoriasis and scabies as well as our focus, acne scarring.


Rosewater’s healing and anti-inflammatory powers make it fantastic for everything from bug bites and rosacea to hydration, and treatment of acne. It somehow manages to both moisturize AND balance the skin’s pH – making both dry skin and oily skin better versions of themselves – which is why you see it in so many skin products a la toners. Like our other ingredients, it boasts some serious anti-bacterial prowess, improving healing time for minor skin irritations and sunburn alike. In addition, rosewater is sick with antioxidants so it can help skin repair damage from sun exposure, and pollution resulting in brighter skin with fewer wrinkles.


Let’s Get Mixing, Shall We?


    • non-metal bowl and stirring utensil (because the clay absorbs impurities, you do not want to mix it in or with metal)

    • 2 TSP Turmeric
    • 2 TBSP Rosewater (I used Cortas brand)
  • Water (as needed to adjust consistency)

Note: As with any new product – even the all natural ones – it’s a good idea to do a patch test before slathering your face if you’ve never used these ingredients on your skin before.

Also, turmeric is used to dye fabric for a reason. Its vibrant color is deep set and in powder form, it can get EVERYWHERE. This is especially important for the fair-skinned to be wary of (i.e. maybe not a great idea less than 3 days before a big event unless your foundation covers mustard yellow exceedingly well). It’s also important to wash any affected fabrics, sinks, countertops etc. immediately after contact to avoid a set in stain.


  1. Put the clay in a mixing bowl and create a small space or ‘well’ in the center
  2. Add your ACV then stir to mix
  3. Allow the mixture to foam and aerate for a minimum of 15 seconds. This reaction between the clay and ACV is what activates the clay and is the key to a smooth mixture.
  4. Once the reaction slows, stir in your turmeric and rosewater. Continue stirring until the mixture is the consistency of pudding. If it’s too stiff or too soupy sprinkle in extra water or clay a tiny bit at a time to adjust.
  5. Apply to a rinsed, dry face.
  6. Allow the mask to dry for 10-20 minutes. Soften with a warm washcloth to remove.




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