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    Welcome to My Dojo

    Surprise! It’s my living room! Over the years, my workouts have ranged from the typical gym rat stuff and dance classes to DUT, boxing and muay thai. For the most part, I was a committed gym goer and would make the after work slog and occasional Saturday class 4-6 days a week. But, once I started my business and began working at home, my desire to shimmy into spandex and mingle with the general public steadily waned. As my hips started to spread and my waist began to thicken I knew I had to do something – fast. Up to that point, I hadn’t considered working out at home to…

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    Vegan French Toast is a Thing, Y’all

    At this point, I know I shouldn’t be surprised at some of the vegan options available. More and more I realize there’s nothing a determined vegan with a full pantry and a strong blender/food processor can’t replicate or improve. However, I had no idea this extended to a classic breakfast favorite like french toast. I knew about the vegan pancakes. I’ve MADE them even. But, in my mind, french toast was an entirely different beast because eggs were the foundation of the recipe. This example from Scramble here in Scottsdale proved otherwise. Concocted using a vegan vanilla custard and sturdy, French baguette, it was equal parts sweet and satisfying with a great texture.…