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What the F Did I Put in Here?

My adventures in cooking have been just that – adventures. I’m a “feelings” cook. An intuitive adder of spices in love with the idea of being that Nonna with a million secret recipes and an uncanny knack for deliciousness.

Are there artichokes in this?

So uh…I am on my way there. The benefit of many (MANY) failed experiments is that I now know the basic rules. My greatest misstep these days is the occasional over-salted dish. At least, that was the case before I became vegan. Now, where I once posessed absolute certainty on how long to pan sear a steak, there is only tofu-induced confusion.

Documenting my new cooking attempts here is just as much a tool to bolster my memory as it is a way to inspire other new vegans (or folks hoping to add more plant-based meals) like myself.

Hopefully some of you will follow along and we can all learn a few things along the way.

Fitness/ Fros/ Vegan Food. Graphic designer/illustrator, entrepreneur, marketing swiss army knife, amateur coder, & lover of pugs, chocolate, & travel.

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