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I realize breakfast was hours ago, or, depending on the quality of your local brunching options, is currently headed blearily into a 3rd mimosa, but, BUT, I made these muffins for B and had to shares.

blueberry-muffins-cherryvale-farms_1I found this little box of heaven at my local Sprouts but it’s also available via Amazon in packs of 1 (normal), 2 (respectable) and 6 (this better be for a bake sale).

The recipe calls for water, butter, and fresh or frozen blueberries. To make it vegan I’ve used both coconut oil and Earth Balance spread as butter replacements with great results.

Use muffin cup liners for easy portioning and (almost) no mess baking and you’ll be sinking your teeth into warm, delicious muffins in no time.

They’re a bit on the small side and kind of wonky looking but I think it adds to their charm. It helps knowing they’re peanut-free, nut-free, dairy-free, soy-free and egg-free, making them practically potluck-party proof. Next time I’m going to try it with other fruit or even (GASP) a mix of berries. Could be pretty great for 4th of July with some whipped coconut cream but in the meantime, I’m going to enjoy eating 1 or 3 at a time for breakfast this week.

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